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a pictorial guide to Tasmania's natural attractions


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Wrest Point


Mt Murchison

The West Coast

Mt Murchison is hollow providing a spectacular sight. Looking into the 'crater' from the summit. Shadowed Lake is at the bottom.  The other lakes are un-named.

Chasm just by the summit.  Tullah is above just out of the picture.


The second difficult section - not the climb but the necessity to not look down from the ledge above the hanging lake. Considerable care needs to be taken.

Heading down from the summit the track looks to be heading towards a rock wall. The track turns left and back uphill sharply through a gap to emerge near the ledge overlooking the tarn pictured on the left.


Mt Black between Rosebery and Tullah. Rosebery is just to the left of the picture. The conservation issue here is that the maps show only a 10 kilometre or so stretch and what looks to be 100 metres each side of the highway is reserved.

The first lake reached. Almost an hour from the start of the walk.